How Losing a Parent Affects You

When an adult child loses a parent, part of your connection to your own history is lost. No matter what your relationship was like with your parent, you lose your attachment to a large part of your life.

If your relationship with your parent was loving and healthy, you lose the unconditional regard and esteem your parent had for you.

If your relationship with your parent was difficult or strained, you may feel like you have unfinished business or struggle with “what might have been.” In these cases, you must come to terms with the necessary parental support which will now never come.

Caring for Others After a Parent Dies

Often, adult children need to provide physical and emotional support to the surviving parent. The adults child may also need to help care for grieving siblings. Sometimes they also need to support of their own children as the children grieve the loss of their grandparent.

One of the challenges adult children face when coping with the loss of a parent is the need to be “strong” for other family members. These family members can include your siblings, other parent, or your own teenage or young children.

Caring Connections provides resources to help you care for their needs, but it is also very important to care for your self during this time.

Special Resources For Adults Who Have Lost a Parent

Support Groups

We offer a variety of support groups to adult children who have lost a parent. Support group sessions usually last eight weeks.

Please call 801-585-9522 for information on dates and locations.