Grieving the Loss of Your Partner or Spouse

Becoming widowed brings dramatic lifestyle changes, and the loss of a partner creates grief with many layers. After your partner’s death, you lose the companionship and daily routines that you created during marriage. You may also feel adrift and unable to manage the tasks and duties your partner managed. The very person you may have shared your darkest moments with is now unable to provide comfort or support.

If you were a caregiver for your partner during a chronic or terminal illness, you lose your role as caregiver, along with many other roles in the marriage.

Different Stages of Life

People experience losing a partner differently at different times of life.

Young Adulthood

If you are a young adult when you lose your partner, your entire future with your partner is lost. Young adults are often challenged by single-parenthood and how to support the emotional needs of their children alone.


Losing a partner in mid-life brings financial changes. You may need to support young or teenage children. You also experience the sadness of losing half a lifetime with your partner.

Older Adulthood

If you are an older adult and lose your partner or spouse, you may face serious financial setbacks and dependency issues. You also have a higher chance of suffering physical illness and social isolation.

Losing a Life Companion

Because marriage and romantic relationships are very intimate, losing a life

partner means the losing a companion, a lover, a friend. Many people share problems, joys, and major decisions with their partner, as well as the details of daily life.

Your personal sense of self is most directly associated with that of the

life partner, and the death of a partner may bring significant changes in your identity.

Special Resources For People Who Have Lost a Partner

Support Groups 

We offer a variety of support groups for people who have lost a partner. Support group sessions usually last eight weeks.

Please call 801-585-9522 for information on dates and locations.