Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Anderson
Keywords: Magnetic Resonance Imaging , Brain stimulator placement Department: Radiology Clinical
IRB Number: 00044402 Co Investigator: Lubdha Shah
Specialty: Radiology
Sub Specialties: Magnetic Resonance Imaging – MRI
Recruitment Status: Recruiting

Contact Information

Matthew Halverson

Simple Summary

We propose to investigate a novel method for targeting stimulator placement based on an individual's own functional anatomy and compare this technique to positioning of the stimulator using current state of the art methods.

Inclusion Criteria

Primary Patient Cohort: Subjects will be candidates for deep brain stimulator placement for movement disorders.

Patient Comparison Cohort: Patients who will or recently have undergone electrocorticography for epilepsy.

Control Cohort: Candidates will not have a movement disorder

Exclusion Criteria

Primary Patient Cohort and Patient Comparison Cohort: Patients will be excluded if they have a contraindication for MRI (Pacemaker, unsafe implanted device, claustrophobia, etc).

Control Cohort: Subjects will be screened for history of neurological or axis I neuropsychiatric disorder, closed head injury, prior neurosurgery, contraindication for MRI, uncontrolled diabetes or other microvascular disease, or family history of motor impairment.


Participant Reimbursement