Principal Investigator: Stavros Drakos
Keywords: heart failure , LVAD Department: Cardiovascular Medicine
IRB Number: 00030622
Specialty: Cardiology, Cardiology
Sub Specialties: Heart Failure
Recruitment Status: Recruiting

Contact Information

Mija Wall

Brief Summary

The purpose of this long term project is to collect tissue and blood samples from end-stage heart failure patients who undergo left ventricular assist device implantation or heart transplantation. These samples will be tested for histology, molecular and genetic changes. In subjects that give permission for long-term storage the remaining tissue will be banked.






Inclusion Criteria

Male and female, ≥ 13 years of age, any ethnicity, undergoing heart surgery where myocardial tissue will be revoved like LVAD implantation surgery, heart transplantation etc.

Exclusion Criteria

1. Neither patient nor patient representative understands spoken English.

2. Neither patient nor the patient's personal representative is willing to give written consent for participation.