Principal Investigator: Douglas Hutchinson
Keywords: Skin Graft , Syndactyly Repair Department: Orthopedic Surgery
IRB Number: 00012534 Co Investigator:  
Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
Sub Specialties: Hand Surgery
Recruitment Status: Enrolling by invitation

Contact Information

Nousheen Alasti

Brief Summary

Randomized, prospective comparison of syndactyly repair using standard technique of full thickness skin grafts placed in areas not covered by created skin flaps as compared to newer, but also accepted method utilizing no skin grafts and instead requiring defatting and the use of a local island flap for the commissure (web). Many children are bilateral and we would propose doing each hand in a different manner to allow direct comparison. Others with unilateral problems would be randomized to the technique by way of their medical record number. Follow-up and outcomes measured would include cosmesis, web creep (scarring), web span, and range of motion at least 3 years postoperatively. We expect this study may change the surgical standard of care for this fairly common congenital hand difference.

Inclusion Criteria

Children ages 6 months to 6 years with simple syndactyly 2nd and/or 3rd web space without other major congenital hand abnormally syndrome that would affect growth, function, and appearance of hand.

Exclusion Criteria

Exclude patients with complex syndactyly, syndactyly of the first web, patients with brachysyndactyly and diagnosis of Apert's, poland's and other syndromes that often include incomplete digital components and subsequent function.