Principal Investigator: George Rodgers
Keywords: vonWillibrand Disease Department: Hematology
IRB Number: 00059886 Co Investigator:  
Specialty: Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Sub Specialties: Hemophilia
Recruitment Status: Not yet recruiting

Contact Information

Renee Rinaldi

Brief Summary

The primary objective is to document the safety and tolerability of wilate for prophylaxis and treatment of von Willibrand Disease, including surgeries.


The secondary objective is to document the efficacy of wilate in the treatment of acute bleeding, in the prophylaxis of VWD and in interventional procedures (e.g. minor/major surgery, dental cae, invasivve diagnostic procedures etc.).

Inclusion Criteria

The surveillance will include 50 subjects.  The observed popuplation will consist of clinically diagnosed VWD patients of any type, previously treated (PTPs) or previously untreated patients (PUPs).  The surveillance will observe male and female subjects without age limitation.  It will include subjects with acute bleeding, subjects on regular VWD prophylactic treatment and subjects undergoing interventional procedures (e.g. minor/major surgery, dental care, invasive diagnostic procedures, etc.).

Exclusion Criteria

Patients who have not been diagnosed with VWD. Patients who are not being treated with wilate.