Long-term Follow Up of Daughters of Kidney Transplant Patients

Principal Investigator: James Scott
Keywords: Confirm safety of immunosuppressive agents during pregnancy or to identify any unrecognized health or reproductive problems in daughters of kidney transplant patients. Department: Obstetrics And Gynecology (Dept)
IRB Number: 00007604 Co Investigator: James Scott
Specialty: OB/Gyn, General
Sub Specialties:

Contact Information

James Scott

Brief Summary

In transplant patients who become pregnant, the immunosuppressive drugs necessary to prevent rejection of the organ cross the placenta and enter the fetal circulation during development of the baby's endocrine and immune systems. The neonatal period and childhood health appear to be normal in most offspring, but there is little information about their long-term health. This is a questionnaire survey of daughters of transplant patients to investigate whether they have remained healthy and to identify any unrecognized health or reproductive problems.

Inclusion Criteria

Women who had received organ allografts and were taking immunosuppressive drugs during pregnancy, and their adult daughters (> age 18).

Exclusion Criteria