Optimizing Postpartum Contraception

Principal Investigator: DavidTurok
Keywords: Postpartum , Contraception , Premature , Preterm births Department: DFPM-Family Practice
IRB Number: 00061119 Co Investigator: Leah Torres
Specialty: OB/Gyn, General
Sub Specialties: Contraception and Family Planning

Contact Information

Maria Masters

Brief Summary

We will examine the effectiveness of focused family planning counseling on the uptake and continuation of highly effective contraceptive methods (defined as IUD, implant, or sterilization) during the postpartum period up to 6 months in women who have just experienced a preterm birth.

We hypothesize that women with a recent preterm birth will be more likely to use and continue using a highly effective method of contraception when provided focused family planning counseling.

Inclusion Criteria

All women anticipating delivery of, or having delivered, a viable, preterm infant (from 24 weeks and 0 days gestational age until 36 weeks and 6 days gestational age) at the University of Utah Hospital will be considered eligible for enrollment. 

Exclusion Criteria

Participants will be excluded if they are illiterate in both English and Spanish, if they meet criteria as being part of a vulnerable population such as prisoners or those psychologically unable to provide informed consent. Participants will be excluded from enrollment and randomization but considered eligible for inclusion in the final results if they delivered a premature infant via cesarean section and then underwent a bilateral tubal ligation during the cesarean section.