Situ versus Anterior Subcutaneous Transposition

Principal Investigator: Douglas Hutchinson
Keywords: Anterior Subcutaneous Transposition , Situ Decompression , Idiopathic , Cubital , Tunnel Syndrome Department: Orthopedic Surgery
IRB Number: 00064156 Co Investigator: Don Coleman
Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery
Sub Specialties: Shoulder and Elbow, Hand Surgery
Recruitment Status: Enrolling by invitation

Contact Information

Nousheen Alasti

Brief Summary

Study Design:

This is a retrospective, cohort study including patients from the University of Utah Hospital System (Don Coleman, Douglas Hutchinson, Angela Wang) and patients of Laird Swensen MD.  Dr. Swensen is a retired Physician who worked at The Orthopedic Specialty Clinic(TOSC) and will be providing patient records from past patients.  Dr. Swensen was not affiliated with IHC at the time these patients were seen. The study will include patients who have undergone either an anterior subcutaneous transposition or an in situ decompression.  The in situ patients will be identified and matched to anterior subcutaneous transposition patients.

The primary outcome measure will be failure of surgical treatment. This can include re-operation or failure of improvement or re-occurrence of symptoms, including pain/paresthesias in the ulnar nerve distribution, numbness/tingling, motor weakness. [Nellans 2012] The patients in the study will have 5 – 10 year follow up, having been operated on prior to 2008. The data collected will include patient demographics, relevant physical exam findings as well as EMG/NCS results. Each patient will be classified according to the Dellon classification. [Dellon 1989] Because the current randomized, prospective studies collectively include patients with mild, moderate and severe disease, none will be excluded from this study on the basis of severity. These will subsequently be evaluated within the failure groups to identify predisposing etiologies for failure.

Inclusion Criteria

Inclusion Criteria:
-Idiopathic cubital tunnel syndrome



Exclusion Criteria

Exclusion Criteria:
-< 18 y/o
-Concomitant carpal tunnel syndrome or release