Functional assessment of ACL reconstruction with patellar tendon versus hamstring autograft in the female athlete

Principal Investigator: Charlie Hicks-Little
Keywords: ACL reconstruction , female , athletes , autograft , biomechanics Department: Exercise And Sport Science
IRB Number: 00070461 Co Investigator:
Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
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Brief Summary

The objective of this study is to observe if there are biomechanical differences in knee kinematics and kinetics in patients who have undergone ACL reconstruction with a patellar tendon versus hamstring tendon autograft when performing sport-specific movements. In addition, the native knee will serve as an intra-patient control to compare the difference between the native ACL and the reconstructed ACL knee.

Inclusion Criteria

This research study will include a total of 48 female collegiate athletes who participate in soccer, basketball, or volleyball. Of these female collegiate athletes, 16 will have undergone ACL reconstruction with a patellar tendon autograft, 16 with a hamstring autograft, and 16 control athletes who have not had ACL reconstruction or any other type of knee surgery. To be included in the study, the female athletes will have needed to participate in at least one competitive season since their ACL reconstruction surgery. The age range for recruitment will include females between the ages of 18 to 30 years old. 

Our sample size was determined using an a priori analysis using a medium effects size of 0.5, an alpha level set to 0.05, and the desired statistical power established at 80%, we will need a minimum sample size of 12 per group.

Exclusion Criteria

Athletes will be excluded if they have undergone bilateral ACL reconstructions, revision ACL reconstructions, had any type of lower extremity surgery on the contralateral leg, had large articular injuries in the ipsilateral knee as the ACL reconstruction, or have not competed in a competitive season at the college level since having their ACL surgery.