The effect of dietary nitrate supplementation on concentric cycling power and fatigue

Principal Investigator: ErnestRimer
Keywords: Dietary Nitrate , Beetroot Juice , Power , Fatigue Department: Exercise And Sport Science
IRB Number: 00068735 Co Investigator: ErnestRimer
Specialty: Sports Medicine
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Brief Summary

This study will evaluate the effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on 1) maximal power produced on a cycle ergometer, and 2) rate of fatigue during maximal cycling.

Inclusion Criteria

Participants in this study are healthy men and women between the ages of 18-44 who are currently training and participating in sports and exercise regimens.

Exclusion Criteria

Participants will asked if they have any leg or arm injury that will influence their cycling and will be excluded if they do have such an injury. They may participate at a later time when the injury is resolved.