Principal Investigator: Raoul  Nelson
Keywords: Nephropathy , IgA , Henoch-Schönlein Department: Pediatric Administration
IRB Number: 00074302
Specialty: Pediatrics, General
Sub Specialties:
Recruitment Status: Recruiting

Contact Information

JoAnn Narus

Simple Summary

Aim 1:To recruit a well powered cohort of pediatric patients with IgAN and HSP (with or without nephritis) forthe purpose of genetic and biomarker studies.1a) Collect DNA and serum from500 children withbiopsy-diagnosed IgAN1b) Collect DNA and serum from 500 children with a clinical diagnosis of HSP with or without nephritis1c) Recruit 200 healthy age-and ethnicity-matched controls for the purpose of biomarker studies.

Inclusion Criteria

IgA nephropathy: all prevalent patients with biopsy-documented diagnosis using standard

histopathologic criteria (typical light microscopic features with dominant or co-dominant staining for

IgA on immunofluorescence microscopy; electron microscopy is not required). All ages, all

ethnicities, and all stages of CKD are eligible.

HSP with and without nephritis: all prevalent patients with history of or presence of purpuric skin

lesions (regardless of renal involvement) suspected to have a clinical diagnosis of HSP (with or

without nephritis) are eligible to participate in the study. There is no requirement for a renal biopsy.

All ages, all ethnicities, and all stages of CKD are eligible.

Healthy controls: age- and ethnicity-matched children who are unrelated to the cases and have no

history of kidney disease or skin purpura.

Exclusion Criteria

• Pre-existing diagnosis of autoimmune disease, liver disease, active HBV, HCV, or HIV infections.

Participant Reimbursement