Pharmacokinetics of Inhaled Glucocorticoids in Pediatric Asthma Patients

Principal Investigator: Catherine  Sherwin
Keywords: Glucocorticoids , Asthma , Pediatrics Department: Pediatric Administration
IRB Number: 00077757 Co Investigator:  
Specialty: Pulmonary
Sub Specialties: Asthma
Recruitment Status: Recruiting

Contact Information

Rachel Douglas

Brief Summary

To measure the clearance of fluticasone and beclomethasone in pediatric asthma patients with normal and abnormal cytochrome P450 enzymes.

Inclusion Criteria

1.  Patients who previously participated in IRB # 00038792.

2.  Ages 3 to 19 years old.

3.  A)  Pediatric Asthma Patients treated with inhaled fluticasone with CYP3A4*22 or patients treated with inhaled fluticasone with all other genotypes.  OR B) Pediatric Asthma Patients treated with inhaled Beclomethasone with CYP3A5*3/*3 or CYP3A5*1/*1 or CYP3A5*1/*3.



Exclusion Criteria

1.  Immunization within the previous 2 weeks.

2. Active viral infections.