HF Ultrasound Evaluation of Skin Cancer

Principal Investigator: Mark Eliason
Keywords: Skin Cancer , Melanoma , Ultrasound , Mohs Surgery Department: Dermatology
IRB Number: 00080574 Co Investigator: Mark Hyde
Specialty: Dermatology, Dermatology
Sub Specialties: Melanoma and Cutaneous Oncology, Mohs Surgery
Recruitment Status: Not yet recruiting

Contact Information

Mark Eliason
801 581 6465

Brief Summary

Skin cancer margins are difficult to assess until an excision is performed and evaluated microscopically. The development of an in vivo method to evaluate margins prior to a surgical excision will result in a more accurate excision. In this study, we will test the sensitivity and accuracy of high-frequency (HF) ultrasound (20-80 MHz) to evaluate ex vivo tissue removed during Mohs surgery treatment of skin cancer. We hypothesize that HF ultrasonic signals are capable of differentiating malignant from non-malignant tissue to the same degree of fidelity as that of a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon. We will test this hypothesis on basal cell, squamous cell and melanoma skin cancers.

Our specific aims include:

  1. Determine the sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of HF ultrasound for distinguishing malignant from nonmalignant skin cancer tissue (basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma) tissue in coded, excised specimens.
  2. Determine the spatial resolution of HF ultrasound for measuring the proximity of malignant tissue to the margin edge.
  3. Compare margins predicted by HF ultrasound to that of a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon. 

Inclusion Criteria

Participants will be recruited from patients who present to Dr. Glen Bowen's clinic at the Hunstman cancer Institute for Mohs surgical removal of a primary skin cancer.

​All participants will need to have a biopsy proven melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma or basal cell carcinoma.



Exclusion Criteria