Protocol Biopsy Study for Biomarkers and Histology in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Principal Investigator: Isaac Hall
Keywords: Kidney , Transplant , Biomarker , Biopsy Department: Nephrology
IRB Number: 00090815 Co Investigator:  
Specialty: Nephrology and Hypertension
Sub Specialties: Kidney Transplant
Recruitment Status: Not yet recruiting

Contact Information

Isaac Hall

Brief Summary

Objective: To evaluate the human biology and immunologic consequences of renal injury and repair in kidney transplantation using gene expression analysis and immunohistochemistry for known and novel protein biomarkers in transplant biopsy specimens obtained for usual clinical care.

Hypothesis: Novel biomarker stains (e.g., YKL-40) will correlate with staining patterns of known kidney injury biomarker proteins (e.g., NGAL), injury-repair response-associated gene transcripts, histologic injury score, degree of fibrosis, allograft function and blood/urine biomarker levels.

Inclusion Criteria

We will adopt broad inclusion criteria because the goal of this study is to see whether biomarkers of renal IRI and repair can be used widely in day-to-day clinical transplant practice. Hence, we will include any adult patient followed in the University of Utah post-kidney transplant clinic or admitted for kidney transplant surgery. We will not restrict entry of patients into our study based on any demographic (other than age less than 18 years) or clinical parameters.

Exclusion Criteria