Principal Investigator: Edward  DiBella
Keywords: MRI , Cardiac imaging Department: Radiology Research
IRB Number: 00094980 Co Investigator: Brent Wilson
Specialty: Radiology, Radiology
Sub Specialties: Cardiac Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging – MRI
Recruitment Status: Recruiting

Contact Information

Nousheen Alasti

Simple Summary

Specific aims:(1) To develop robust acquisition and reconstruction methods specifically for the study of microvascular cardiac remodeling with MRI. These include very innovative quantitative perfusion methods, as well as fibrosis quantification, longitudinal strain, and phase contrast imaging for flow.(2) The new methods will also be tested for the clinical task of characterizing HFpEF.

Inclusion Criteria

All participants will be over the age of 18 and able to provide consent

Group A (volunteers, with or without cardiac disease): Volunteers will be available for at least one study visit

Group B (HFpEF patient volunteers): Volunteers will have a diagnosis of HFpEF and be safe to be imaged with MRI.


Exclusion Criteria

Critically ill patients, patients on ventilators, patients with unstable angina or with hypotension, asthmatics, and other patients whose medical care or safety may be at risk from undergoing an MRI examination will be excluded. Patients with claustrophobia will also be excluded from the study if this cannot be controlled with standard methods (valium or benadryl). Patients with contraindication to MRI (metal implants, or certain types of heart valves), pregnant patients, minors, mentally disabled patients and prisoners will be excluded from this study. (All criteria apply to patients and normal volunteers). Gadolinium nephrotoxicity will be addressed by having patients with abnormal kidney function (GFR<30) excluded from the study due to the (very small) risk associated with gadolinium contrast agents. This threshold may be modified, depending on practices determined by the Radiology Department and the IRB. Patients with a known allergy or contraindication to Adenosine and/or Regadenoson will be excluded from stress MRI cohorts.

All participants that will receive a stress agent will refrain from consuming caffeine for at least 12 hours prior to each MRI

Subjects with a  known contraindication to Adenosine and/or Regadenoson will only be enrolled in scans where no stress agent will be administered.

Participant Reimbursement

Up to $360 per study participant