Principal Investigator: Daniel Cushman
Keywords: Sports Medicine , Ultrasound , Injury Prevention Department: Physical Medicine & Rehab
IRB Number: 00098658
Specialty: Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sub Specialties:
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Contact Information

Sarah Daanen

Simple Summary

This study aims to examine patellar and Achilles tendons in runners with ultrasound imaging prior to an event, then monitor them over time to identify which tendon abnormalities will later go on to becoming symptomatic injuries (i.e. “high-risk abnormalities”). Additionally, pre-existing tendon abnormalities that do not progress to injury can be identified, suggestive of “low-risk abnormalities.”

Inclusion Criteria

Runners 18 years of age or over participating in the Salt Lake City Marathon and Half-Marathon

Exclusion Criteria

Runner with prior rupture of, or surgery to, the patellar or Achilles tendons.

Runners with symptomatic tendons before the race.

Participant Reimbursement

$10.00 gift card