Principal Investigator: Chris Pelt
Keywords: Biofeedback , Total Joint Arthroplasty , Rehabilitation Department: Orthopedic Surgery Operations
IRB Number: 00110935 Co Investigator: Christopher Peters
Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
Sub Specialties: Adult Reconstruction
Recruitment Status: Active, not recruiting

Contact Information

Brenna Blackburn

Brief Summary

The objectives of this study are:

1) To evaluate and validate the use of a novel wireless insole device (Loadsol) that provides real-time biofeedback on post-operative mobility and weight bearing following total joint arthroplasty. 

2) To utilize the wireless insole device to determine if biofeedback is sufficient for improving gait symmetry following total joint arthroplasty. 

3) To determine if there is a correlation between patient reported outcomes and measured postoperative weight bearing. 

Inclusion Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

  1. Planned or recently underwent (up to 8 weeks postoperatively) primary total joint arthroplasty
  2. Free walking before surgery, no devices needed
  3. Age >/=18 years
  4. Preoperative outcomes scores (PF CAT, PROMIS Global Health, KOOS JR)
  5. Written informed consent

Exclusion Criteria

Exclusion Criteria

  1. Index procedure is a revision total joint arthroplasty
  2. Total knee or hip arthroplasty on the contralateral side within 1 one year of index procedure
  3. Severe medical comorbidity (ASA>/=3)
  4. Participant is planning TJA on another joint within next 12 months
  5. Significant symptoms on contralateral knee/hip/ankle that could impede performance on study