Principal Investigator: Julie Fritz
Keywords: back pain , cognitive behavioral therapy , mindfulness , physical therapy Department: Physical Therapy/Athletic Training
IRB Number: 00116150 Co Investigator: Eric Garland
Specialty: Physical Therapy, Family Medicine, Social Work, Internal Medicine, General
Sub Specialties:
Recruitment Status: Recruiting

Contact Information

Elizabeth Lane

Simple Summary

Chronic lower back is a complex problem, one often requiring multiple treatments to restore normal function. This study aims to answer the question of which patients respond to several common treatments as well as the next step for those who do not respond initially.Qualification and Enrollment: a researcher will work with you over the phone to determine if you are eligible to enroll•Enrolled patients are randomly assigned one of two very common and often effective treatments: physical therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy. Phase 1 of treatment: 8 weeks, which is the typical length of care. Assessment Survey: after Phase 1•Those who respond favorably will have up to 2 more session to wrap up that treatment and followed for the duration of the study. •Those who are not responding, will be randomly assigned to another treatment for Phase 2 which will be: the opposite Phase 1 treatment, or mindfulnessPhase 2 of treatment: 8 weeks with second treatementFollow-up Surveys: Everyone enrolled in the study will complete follow up surveys at 6 months and 1 year.

Inclusion Criteria

Eligible participants must be between age 18-64 at the time of enrollment and meet the NIH Task Force criteria for chronic low back pain (LBP) based on two items: 1) “How long has LBP has been an ongoing problem?”, and 2) “How often has LBP been an ongoing problem over the past 6 months?” A response of greater than 3 months to item 1, and a response of “at least half the days in the past 6 months” to item 2 satisfy the NIH definition of chronic LBP.

Additional eligibility criteria require the following:

Oswestry disability index >24 and numeric pain rating >4.

A healthcare visit for LBP in past 90 days

Able to participate in telehealth visits if necessary (access to internet and device capable of two-way video conferencing)

Able to speak and understand English

COHORT B: Qualitative Aim

All inclusion/exclusion criteria still apply. Participating only in the Telehealth Cohort of this study an additional inclusion criteria.

Exclusion Criteria

Spinal surgery in prior year

Receiving physical therapy for LBP within 90 days preceding enrollment

Receiving cognitive behavioral therapy or mindfulness for any condition within 90 days preceding enrollment

Currently in active treatment for substance use disorder

Red flags of potentially serious health condition mimicking LBP (e.g., spinal tumor) or specific diagnosis causing LBP (e.g., spinal fracture, stenosis, etc.) present at the time of enrollment

Participant Reimbursement

•Treatments will be billed normally through your insurance•Compensationo$25 for each assessment (total of 4) o$15 for each treatment session that is attended