Principal Investigator: Peter Hannon
Keywords: cryptogenic stroke , silent infarcts , MRI , cognition Department: Neurology
IRB Number: 00124975
Specialty: Neurology
Sub Specialties: Stroke
Recruitment Status: Recruiting

Contact Information

Kinga Aitken

Brief Summary

To complement the ARCADIA trial (IRB 106386), ARCADIA-CSI has been designed, an ancillary study in which we will assess Cognitive function and Silent Infarcts in a subset of the ARCADIA
population. The scientific premise of this proposal is that silent brain infarcts are an important
cause of post-stroke cognitive decline and that anticoagulation with apixaban (compared to
aspirin) will reduce both silent infarcts and the rate of cognitive decline in patients with stroke of
unknown cause and atrial cardiopathy.

ARCADIA-CSI is an ancillary study to the ARCADIA trial that will add two outcomes (cognition
and silent infarction) to the parent trial. The purpose of ARCADIA-CSI is to determine the effect
of apixaban vs aspirin on these two additional outcomes in patients with stroke of unknown
cause and atrial cardiopathy.

Inclusion Criteria

Randomized in ARCADIA and on study drug 
Able to undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) 
Able to provide self-consent for ARCADIA-CSI in English
(cognitive status and language ability sufficient to provide
informed consent)
A score of 0 or 1 on language component of the NIHSS at time
of ARCADIA-CSI enrollment

Exclusion Criteria

Diagnosis of dementia

Known active illicit drug use

Psychiatric admission or ECT for
major depression within last two

Education less than 8 years

History of traumatic brain injury with
loss of consciousness of more than
30 minutes