Principal Investigator: Lori Gawron
Keywords: injection , ovulation Department: Obstetrics And Gynecology (Dept)
IRB Number: 00128059
Specialty: OB/Gyn, General
Sub Specialties: General Gynecology
Recruitment Status: Recruiting

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Amy Orr

Simple Summary

The purpose of this study is to find out:•How the body absorbs and processes the study drug.•If there are any effects of the LB injection on menstrual periods and bleeding.•The effects the injection has on the function of the ovaries and uterus.•If there are side effects from this injection that are different from what we know about side effects from other hormonal contraceptives. •If the side-effects from this injection are more or less serious than the side-effects from other hormonal contraceptives.

Inclusion Criteria


Exclusion Criteria


Participant Reimbursement

Initial Screening Visit:$ 50.00Study Visit 2 (if required):$ 50.00Study Visit 3 (8 hours)$500.00Follow-Up Visits 4-7$ 75.00 eachOngoing Weekly Visits 8-32$125.00 eachRecovery Visit$125.00Study Exit Visit$125.00Final Phone Call Visit$ 25.00