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Since March University of Utah Health has worked with infection prevention and control to safely test for COVID-19. As we have learned more about COVID-19, we have adjusted our safety protocols and evolved our testing practices.

The safety of our patients and staff is paramount in all we do at U of U Health.

Saliva Testing Reduces Risk

Saliva testing, where you collect your saliva yourself in a tube, limits contact between patients and employees. It also does not cause people to cough or sneeze, which limits the risk of COVID-19 transmission through the air.

Patients will perform saliva testing in indoor examination areas or we may ask you to collect saliva in your vehicle.

Winter Weather Protection

Testing inside for COVID-19 is a safer option for University of Utah Health employees and patients during cold weather. Working in the heat of summer showed us that continuing to test outdoors was not in our employees’ best interest. Bringing testing indoors will:

  • provide better quality of care and
  • allow health care workers to better evaluate patients during the influenza, strep, and cold season.

Appointments Control Crowding

Appointment-only testing for COVID-19 at U of U Health helps limit contact with sick patients. This process helps prevent crowding indoors and control physical distancing.

Appointments still allow us to test the same number of patients indoors as outdoors by spreading testing times over a longer period of time. We are offering indoor testing at all of U of U Health’s centers.

Masking Slows the Spread of COVID-19

Face coverings are a critical tool in the fight against COVID-19. Scientific evidence shows that face coverings help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others. That's why patients are required to wear a face covering during their entire appointment or visit at a U of U Health center.

PPE Protects Patients and Staff

We require University of Utah Health staff to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Staff must wear a surgical mask, face shield or eye protection, and gloves while assisting patients with COVID-19 testing.

Controlled Waiting Areas

U of U Health has specific waiting areas for patients with appointments for COVID-19 testing. We manage these areas to hold a small number of patients so that we can maintain proper physical distancing.

This includes seating spaced six feet apart and physical barriers where necessary. After every patient, our staff will clean all waiting areas thoroughly, according to infection prevention and control standards.

Individual Collection Areas

We will test patients for COVID-19 in individual collections areas. Our staff have placed HEPA filter booths in each collection area. HEPA booths offer safer specimen collection and help limit the potential spread of the virus to other clinical areas.

After each patient, our staff will also clean all collection areas thoroughly, according to infection prevention and control standards, after each patient.

Safety Innovation

As University of Utah Health continues to evolve COVID-19 protocols and procedures, we are following CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus. U of U Health patients will notice additional safety measures in place to better protect them from the virus inside our health centers.

U of U Health is committed to innovation against COVID-19 and continues to find new and alternatives ways to keep patients and staff safe from the virus.

Infection Prevention and Control

University of Utah Health has continued to evolve COVID-19 safety practices while working closely with infection prevention and control. Strict cleaning guidelines is one of the many practices our teams are trained to follow.

Patient areas are thoroughly cleaned following every COVID-19 testing appointment. This includes waiting areas, collection areas, and items used during COVID-19 testing. U of U Health also follows CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus.

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