Chronic Pain & Headache ECHO sessions are currently on hold. We are in the process of restructuring the format and content in an effort to better serve ECHO participants. If you have any input or ideas on how we can make these sessions best fit your needs, please contact:

Jordan Holloman 
Program Coordinator

Clinic Times

Currently on hold

Clinical Team

Scott Junkins, MD
Medical Director, Pain Management Center

Susan Baggaley, NP
Medical Director, Outpatient Neurology

Eric Yelsa
Pain Psychologist

Tamara Dangerfield, MPT
Physical Therapist

Jordan Holloman
Program Coordinator


Keep your eyes out for Chronic Pain & Headache resources here!

Clinical Updates

Date Topic Slides Clinical Update Presenter
Oct 18, 2016 Understanding the Right Pain Diagnosis adobe_logo Scott Junkins, MD
Oct 25, 2016 Headache History in Primary Care adobe_logo Susan Baggaley, F-NP
Nov 1, 2016 Myofascial Pain: Trigger Points, Referred Pain, & More adobe_logo Tamara Dangerfield, MPT
Nov 15, 2016 Mindfulness & Pain Management adobe_logo Eric Yelsa, PhD
Nov 22, 2016 CANCELED N/A N/A
Nov 29, 2016 The Five A's of Pain Documentation adobe_logo Scott Junkins, MD
Dec 6, 2016 Preventive Treatment in Migraine adobe_logo Susan Baggaley, F-NP
Dec 13, 2016 Migraine with Aura for Primary Care Practitioners adobe_logo Susan Baggaley, F-NP
Dec 20, 2016 CANCELED N/A N/A
Dec 27, 2016 HOLIDAY N/A N/A
Jan 3, 2017 HOLIDAY N/A N/A
Jan 10, 2017 Stages of Grief Applied to Chronic Pain adobe_logo Eric Yelsa, PhD
Jan 17, 2017 Medication Overuse in Headaches adobe_logo Susan Baggaley, F-NP
Jan 24, 2017 Differential Diagnoses of Migraine with Aura & Variance for Primary Care Providers adobe_logo Seniha Ozudogru, MD
Jan 31, 2017 Trigger Point Release N/A Tamara Dangerfield, MPT