How Can You Help Your Child Get the Treatment They Need?

How Can You Help Your Child Get the Treatment They Need?


Some children with cleft lip and palate will need many surgeries over their lifetime. These surgeries can help your child's face, nose, mouth, and throat look and work normally again. But when a child needs so many surgeries, they may experience surgical burnout.

Surgical burnout is when your child chooses not to have surgeries that their doctor thinks would help them. Some children make this decision when they have had too many surgeries in the past.

Thoughtful surgeons can plan ahead for upcoming surgeries and work to consolidate care by scheduling more than one surgery at the same time. Having more than one surgery at the same time can help your child avoid the difficulty of recovering from many surgeries over and over again. 

You can image that if every surgery were done separately, this would be a severe burden on your family and your child. Our surgeons understand this burden. We work to combine as many procedures as possible to decrease this burden on your family.

Why Is It Important to Avoid Surgical Burnout?

Too many children decide not to have the surgeries they need when they reach adulthood. By the time these children become adults, they may become tired from having so many surgeries earlier in their life.

For example, children often decide not to have rhinoplasty and midface surgery. But ignoring these problems can have negative effects on your child's quality of life and social environment.

Children can also become conditioned to fear more surgeries. Some children become numb to their problems.

Combining Surgeries For Better Care

Our team of pediatric facial plastic & ENT surgeons recognizes this serious problem. We can help decrease the difficulties of having more than one surgery by combining some of the surgeries together. By waiting until children are a little older to perform some surgeries, your child may not need to spend as much of their young life in the hospital.

We hope combining surgeries will decrease the burden on your family. Performing some surgeries at the same time also helps your child follow through with the surgeries we recommend (usually LeFort advancement and cleft rhinoplasty).

We also offer guidelines to help parents choose their child's cleft surgeon.

Why Choose a Pediatric Facial Plastic & ENT Surgeon?

As pediatric facial plastic & ENT surgeons, we often help children who need staged surgery or groups of surgeries. We will work to be thoughtful in planning your child's surgeries to help limit the number of times your family recovers from a surgery.

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