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Each year, AirMed provides over 2,500 life-saving air ambulance missions for the Intermountain West. AirMed transport team members are highly skilled practitioners with advanced training in many areas, acting as an extension of University of Utah Hospital. AirMed is equipped to monitor and treat the highest acuity patients and provide rapid transport to the most appropriate facility. Highly skilled medical teams, combined with state-of-the-art aircraft, allow AirMed to deliver advanced care to the critically ill or injured patient in both rural and urban settings. AirMed has four helicopters and two airplanes located at five permanent bases in Utah and Wyoming to ensure close proximity, resulting in fast, efficient and reliable response to medical emergencies in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Nevada. AirMed routinely provides transport for patients suffering from: trauma, burns, cardiac issues, head injury, life threatening situations, high risk pregnancy and many other severe medical conditions.

In addition to the world-class critical transport services AirMed provides, their first priority is always safety. AirMed is equipped with expert training, safety technology, and search and rescue equipment. AirMed incurs significant costs to maintain a safe environment. New technology has become available in order to keep crews and patients safe during air ambulance transports. AirMed has a goal of installing two new safety systems into each of its six aircraft over the next two years. AirMed will also purchase a new Helicopter, which comes equipped with the most updated safety technology, patient transport gear and performs better in high altitude conditions. Investing in these new technologies and helicopter will be AirMed’s next giant leap toward having the safest air medical transport program in the country.

All clinical services and programs are part of University of Utah Health