Areas of Need

Every gift is important to fulfilling University Health Care’s vision to provide excellence in patient care, medical education, and research. Many donors to University Hospital Foundation choose to make their gifts to support activities that are meaningful to them for personal reasons – Grateful patients often make a gift in gratitude for the good care they have received while other donors make gifts in memory of loved ones. Alumni often choose to make a gift in tribute to a former mentor or in appreciation for their training.

Your gift can make a difference, whether in an area of importance to you, or to support the priority needs of the University Hospitals and Clinics

Patient and Family Housing

University of Utah Health Care hosts almost 50,000 patients per year who travel more than 100 miles to see our world-class specialists and for our quality and compassionate care. Now we are making the transition away from home more convenient and affordable at our NEW PATIENT & FAMILY HOUSING.

Newborn ICU

As the University’s Labor and Delivery and Mother Baby areas continue to grow so does the need for additional Newborn Intensive Care beds.  An expansion has been planned to the Newborn ICU to add an additional 6 beds for an approximate cost of $375,000. One incubator/warmer costs $43,000.  One monitor costs $14,000. The cost for neonatal care can be very expensive.  It is through the sponsorship of donors and benefits that we can continue to fulfill our mission of giving exceptional patient care to our patients.


The University hospital provides services for one of the largest geographic areas of the United States, routinely receiving patients from Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Nevada. AirMed provides air medical transport for the majority of these referral patients. Each year, AirMed provides over 2,500 life-saving air ambulance missions for the Intermountain West.

Burn Center

The Burn Center serves the largest geographical area of any burn center in the country. It is the only Burn Center in the Intermountain West. This unit sees 350-400 patients a year with chemical, contact, flame, scald, friction, and electrical injuries.

Clinical Neurosciences

The Clinical Neurosciences Center provides specialty care for patients dealing with anything from Neurological disorders to Spinal injuries. It is a patient based facility that desires to educate and heal.

University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI)

UNI is the answer to many individuals that struggle with mental and behavioral health. Our mental health professionals provide patients with assessment, treatment and aftercare planning.

Patient Care Pavilion

In 2009, we opened the Patient Care Pavilion a project that has made access and parking at the hospital easier and substantially increased the number of private patient rooms. The expansion was not only about new beds, it was about providing the best space for our patients to receive care and for hospital staff to work in.

All clinical services and programs are part of University of Utah Health