nicu baby

Each year, University of Utah Hospital Newborn Intensive Care Unit provides intensive care for over 500 critically ill Neonates.  Patients are admitted through Labor and Delivery and transport services.  The neonate’s gestational age ranges from approximately 22 weeks to 40+ weeks.  These patients have critical medical problems such as prematurity, extreme prematurity, pulmonary disease, low or very low birth weight, infectious disease, congenital anomalies, drug withdrawal, birth trauma, and metabolic diseases.

The Newborn ICU is a 48 bed unit that cares for these critically ill infants.  We provide family centered care and have obtained the challenging and prestigious “Baby Friendly Status.” The mission of the Newborn ICU is to provide safe, professional, and compassionate care not only for sick newborns, but also for their families.  Within the scope of providing care the Newborn ICU supports the teaching and research mission of the University.  

Care is provided from acute admission through long term intensive care to stabilization and preparation for home or other facility discharge.  The average length of stay is approximately 30 days, but some infants are here for many months. 

While the University’s Labor and Delivery and Mother Baby areas continue to grow so does the need for additional Newborn Intensive Care beds.  An expansion has been planned to the Newborn ICU to add an additional 6 beds for an approximate cost of $375,000.00. One incubator/warmer costs $43,000.00.  One monitor costs $14,000.00. The cost for neonatal care can be very expensive.  It is through the sponsorship of donors and benefits that we can continue to fulfill our mission of giving exceptional patient care to our patients.

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