Gastroenterology Services

Preparing For Your Appointment

In order to make your appointment as pleasant of an experience as possible, we encourage you to fill out the registration forms below and bring them with you to your appointment. Additionally, if you are visiting one of our clinics for an endoscopy procedure, please review the patient instructions prior to your appointment.

Please call the clinic if you have any questions regarding your paperwork or procedure prior to your arrival.

(801) 213-9797

Registration Forms

Medical History Form
Patient Release Form

Procedure Instructions

Prep Instructions for Colonscopy - Miralax/Gatorade
Prep Instructions for Colonscopy - Spanish Miralax/Gatorade

Prep Instruction for Colonscopy - Extended Miralax/Gatorade

Prep Instructions for Esophagus Procedure (EGD)
Prep Instructions for Esophagus Procedure (EGD) - Spanish

EGC (EGD)/Colonscopy Prep Miralax/Gatorade

Liver Biopsy - English