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Preventing Osteoporosis

Oct 09, 2018

It is never too early to think about your bone health. There are simple lifestyle changes you can make to protect yourself.

Foods to avoid

Smoking and excessive alcohol use not only impact your risk for osteoporosis, but your overall health as well.


Get your daily recommended calcium intake. Milk, cheese and other dairy foods are good sources of calcium, as are leafy green vegetables, nuts, tofu, and sardines.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a partner with calcium to keep bones strong. Fatty fish like tuna and salmon, egg yolks, and mushrooms are all good dietary sources of Vitamin D. Exposure to the sun also provides Vitamin D, but be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen.

Healthy Diet

Avoid crash diets that rob you of nutrients. Make sure your body is always getting proper nutrition – even when you are trying to lose weight.

Osteo Exercise

There are two types of exercise that protect bones: weight bearing and muscle strengthening. Weight bearing exercises include jogging, jumping rope, and stair climbing. Muscle strengthening exercises include lifting weights, using elastic exercise bands, or doing push-ups and pull-ups.