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Apr 22, 2021

Esperando la inmunidad colectiva

Las vacunas contra la enfermedad Covid-19 están cada vez más disponibles con el objetivo de lograr la “inmunidad colectiva”, un punto en el que suficientes personas son inmunes al COVID-19 y el virus ya no puede propagarse. Pero todos somos parte de muchos rebaños: nuestras familias, nuestros amigos, nuestros lugares de trabajo y escuelas.

Apr 20, 2021

My Child Has One Leg That’s Shorter Than the Other, Can This Be Treated?

It’s normal for children and adults to have a small difference between the length of their legs, but at what point is it considered a problem?

Apr 20, 2021

Spring Cleaning: Tips for Staying Poison Free

Spring has sprung and that means many people are beginning their spring cleaning. Check out some safety tips from the Utah Poison Control Center (UPCC) to keep your family and your pets safe as you de-winterize your home and properties.

Apr 19, 2021

Mascarillas: Una herramienta esencial para finalizar la Pandemia

Desde el comienzo de la pandemia de Covid-19, los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC) han reconocido que las mascarillas faciales, el distanciamiento físico, el lavado frecuente de manos, y quedarse en casa cuando uno está enfermo, son herramientas importantes para ayudar a reducir la propagación de Sars-CoV- 2. En combinación con las vacunas Covid-19, estas prácticas ayudarán a alcanzar la inmunidad colectiva y, finalmente, volver a la "normalidad".

Apr 14, 2021

Face Masks: An Essential Tool to Ending the Pandemic

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC recognized face masks, physical distancing, frequent hand washing, and staying home when sick as important tools in helping reduce the spread of Sars-CoV-2. Combined with COVID-19 vaccines, these practices will help reach herd immunity and eventually get us back to “normal.” But it’s too early to relax now.

Apr 13, 2021

El embarazo durante una pandemia

El embarazo tiene sus propios y únicos desafíos. Agregue una pandemia de Covid-19 y la situación se vuelve aún más complicada. Con poca información disponible sobre cómo el coronavirus afecta a las mujeres embarazadas y lactantes, es importante contar con el asesoramiento de los profesionales de la salud.

The Scope

What You Need to Know About Fertility Treatments: After Age 40

Oct 14, 2021

For women over the age of 40 looking to get pregnant, it is important to start working with a fertility specialist sooner than later. The treatment options available become more limited as we age, so finding the right doctor to help with conception can be a crucial step in your fertility plan. Dr. Kirtly Jones speaks with fertility expert Dr. Erica Johnstone about helping women over 40 become pregnant.

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Sideshow: Battlefield Acupuncture

Oct 12, 2021

Troy shares a recent study that shows evidence that acupuncture of the ear may help treat back pain. But how does producer Mitch already know about battlefield acupuncture and how it’s practiced?

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What You Need to Know About Fertility Treatments: Between Age 35 to 40

Oct 7, 2021

What You Need to Know About Fertility Treatments: Between Age 35 to 40 If you and your partner have been tying to get pregnant between 35 and 40, you may want to speak with a fertility specialist. The fertility treatments available to you greatly rely on the age of the woman trying to have a child. In this episode, Dr. Kirtly Jones speaks with fertility expert Dr. Erica Johnstone about helping women in their late 30's to become pregnant.

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89: Checking in with Listener Scot

Oct 5, 2021

It’s been about six weeks since listener Scot spoke about wanting to improve his blood pressure and lose a few pounds. So what kind of improvements has he seen after taking Thunder Jalili and Dr. Madsen’s advice about increasing his physical activity and speaking with a nutritionist?

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