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Jul 15, 2022

Tome medidas exitosas para la recuperación de la adicción a las drogas

Si está comenzando o considerando la recuperación, deberá comprender por qué se volvió adicto a las drogas y cómo las drogas cambiaron su comportamiento. También querrá saber qué puede esperar de la recuperación de la adicción y cómo evitar una recaída.

Jul 14, 2022

Take Successful Steps to Drug Addiction Recovery

If you are starting or considering recovery, you’ll need to understand why you got addicted to drugs and how they changed your behavior. You’ll also want to know what you can expect from drug addiction recovery and how you’ll prevent a relapse.

Jul 12, 2022

Dieta baja en FODMAP: una parte del manejo del SII

Si sufre del síndrome del intestino irritable (SII), su médico puede recomendarle una dieta baja en FODMAP para identificar los alimentos que contribuyen a sus problemas digestivos.

Jul 12, 2022

¿Es olvido, demencia o enfermedad de Alzheimer?

Tiene la intención de ir a algún lugar con un propósito significativo. Pero cuando llega a su destino, no puede recordar por qué tenía que estar allí. ¿Podría este hecho tan común ser causado por el olvido relacionado con la edad, una distracción que desvió su cerebro mientras estaba haciendo varias cosas a la vez, o la demencia?

Jul 11, 2022

Care and Prevention of Chronic Ankle Sprains

Americans suffer approximately two million ankle sprains each year. While an overwhelming majority of patients recover quickly from these ligament injuries, a subset may suffer from recurring sprains.

Jul 11, 2022

Low FODMAP Diet: One Part of IBS Management

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, your physician may recommend a low FODMAP diet to identify foods that contribute to your digestive problems. Here's how a FODMAP diet can help.

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113: Just How Painful is a Kidney Stone?

Aug 16, 2022

Did you know a kidney stone is more painful than childbirth and the amputation of a finger? Troy has seen the pain first hand in the ER. Urologist John Smith, MD, is back to explain what causes kidney stones, how they’re treated and - most importantly - four ways to prevent a stone from forming.

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What to Do After Your Teen Runs Away

Aug 12, 2022

If your teen has run away from home, the first priority is finding them and ensuring they’re safe. But what should you do after they safely return home? Amanda McNab, MSW, LCSW, suggests the steps parents should take to understand why your teenager ran away in the first place—and start to rebuild the relationship in a healthy way to prevent future runaways.

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The Basics: Your Child’s Vaccination Schedule

Aug 10, 2022

For new parents, it can be hard to keep your child’s vaccines straight. When do they get DTAP? What is MMR? Does my child really need all of these shots? Pediatrician Cindy Gellner, MD, has the answers about vaccines for kids—from birth to college. On this episode of The Basics, learn more about recommended vaccines, when they should be received, and how to ensure your kid grows up with the maximum protection against infections.

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What Vitamins and Supplements for Men Actually Work?

Aug 10, 2022

Supplements marketed to men come with plenty of promises. Get stronger. Feel younger. Live longer. But which claims are backed by research—and which are nothing more than empty promises? Thunder Jalili, PhD, a nutritionist and professor at University of Utah Health, discusses the two supplements with the most evidence for health benefits—and which supplements men should avoid.

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