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S5E9: The Flaws of Cultural Competency in Healthcare

Jan 18, 2022

How does a healthcare system ensure the population it serves gets the care it needs? The intentions of cultural competency may begin with wanting to deliver trauma-informed care to diverse communities, but the assumed generalization of a group of people can lead to ignored identities among individual patients. In S5E9, Lina, Hạ, and Mariam talk about the flaws of cultural competency in the patient/provider relationship, and learning cultural humility to make healthcare patient-centered.

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Sideshow: Wilderness Winter Survival Myth or Fact?

Jan 18, 2022

Spit to know which way to dig when trapped in an avalanche. Get into a sleeping bag naked to warm someone with hypothermia. Eating snow will make you more dehydrated. Mountain medicine specialist Dr. Graham BZ separates myth from fact. Plus, you'll learn that getting trapped in an avalanche is terrifying.

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E27: 7 Domains of Our Aging Face

Jan 14, 2022

We all age, and we all hope to age gracefully. When you look at the mirror in the morning, what is the face that looks back? Is it a smile or a frown? Are there wrinkles of wisdom? What does the age of your face say about your health? Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Payam Tristani joins this episode of 7 Domains of Women's Health—the first in a three-episode discussion on aging—to talk about our aging face, and how to age with the face that makes you happy.

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93: Mitch Tries the Project 50 Challenge

Jan 12, 2022

The concept seems simple. Commit to seven rules for 50 days and become a different person by the end of it. The #Project50Challenge has been going viral on social media, and producer Mitch has decided he’s going to give it a go. The Who Cares guys how the seven rules could be a framework for The Core 4 and whether or not it sounds a bit too ambitious.

Read the rules of Project 50 and consider joining as Mitch tries out the challenge.

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