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May 05, 2022

Get Back on Your Feet: Six Tips for a Smooth Recovery after Knee Surgery

When it comes to knee surgery to recovery, patience and due diligence are key—especially during the first three critical weeks that account for 70 percent of healing.

Feb 24, 2022

Solving Your Chronic Cough Results in Better Well-Being

An occasional cough helps clear irritants and secretions from your lungs and prevents infection. But if you develop a chronic cough that persists for weeks, you should find out if you have a medical problem.

Feb 07, 2022

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

The heart—that powerful muscle pumping life into every system in our bodies, including itself—deserves a lot of care and attention. Women are often less likely to pay attention to hear health, delaying needed exams and treatment.

Feb 02, 2022

How to Recognize and Recover From Childbirth Trauma

Even under the best of circumstances, giving birth can be physically and emotionally challenging. But for some women, the experience can be so traumatic that it affects their mental health and ability to care for themselves and their babies.

Feb 02, 2022

Pregnant in a Pandemic

Pregnancy has its own unique challenges and stresses. Throw in a COVID-19 pandemic and the situation becomes even more challenging for pregnant people and their families.

Jan 26, 2022

COVID-19 y el embarazo: Mitos y realidades

La información errónea y perjudicial sobre el COVID-19 está impidiendo que la gente se vacune y de esta forma ayude a detener la transmisión del virus. Las doctoras de U of U Health ofrecen información sobre el embarazo, el COVID-19 y las vacunas.

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Why You Shouldn’t Pop that Cyst on Your Wrist

May 17, 2022

A ganglion cyst is a large fluid-filled cyst that forms on joints and is commonly found on wrists. Despite what you may see on social media, popping this type of growth with a needle or thumping it with a big book is the very last thing you want to do. Hand specialist Brad Rockwell, MD, explains what these cysts are, why it’s dangerous to pop them, and the type of doctor you should see for treatment.

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Long Haul COVID in Children

May 16, 2022

In general, kids do pretty well if they catch COVID-19. But Cindy Gellner, MD, is seeing a significant number of kids experiencing symptoms from the disease for weeks if not months after the initial infection. The ongoing symptoms seem to impact children regardless of how severe their illness was. Learn more about long-haul COVID in your children and what you can do to prevent and treat the symptoms.

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100: The Poop on Poop

May 12, 2022

Everybody poops. But did you realize the shape, size, smell, and frequency of your stool can say a lot about your overall health? Gastroenterologist John Pohl, MD, shares what a healthy poop should look like and when there are signs you should change your diet or talk to a doctor.

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S5E19: Narratives of our Matriarchs

May 10, 2022

Discovering where you come from contributes to knowing where you're heading. We are built from the generations before us—our mothers and grandmothers before them—through their sacrifices, pain, and all they've had to endure. Each mother loves and nurtures differently, and sometimes that love and nurture are affected by historical and cultural complexities. In S5E19, Hạ, Harjit, and Margaux dedicate a tribute to the matriarchs of their lives, sharing stories of generations prior and reflect on how they are shaped by the narratives of their ancestors.

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