Oct 09, 2013 8:00 AM

Author: Gentry Reinhart

Utah is home to a unique variety of Healthcare Heroes who go above and beyond to make life easier for their patients, create more efficient programs or just bring a smile to someone who needs it.

Each year, Utah Business honors a group of these Healthcare Heroes during an awards luncheon. On Tuesday, October 8, Utah Business presented 24 awards to individuals and organizations who are working to change the face of Utah’s healthcare industry for the better.

Congratulations to all the Healthcare Heroes from University of Utah Health, who were honored at the luncheon and awards ceremony!

Administrative Excellence - Erin Fox, PharmD
Innovation in Healthcare - Nancy A. Murphy, MD
Community Outreach - Marty C. Malheiro, MS, MCHES
Healthcare Provider/Physician - Steven Edgley, MD
Healthcare Provider/Non-Physician - Bonnie Jeanne Baty, MS, CGC, LGC
Lifetime Achievement - Randall Burt, MD

For the full Utah Business article, visit: http://goo.gl/wdJkXJ

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