Jan 31, 2014 8:00 AM

Author: Office of Public Affairs

Lower back pain is a familiar foe for men and women, especially between ages 30 and 50. Plain old aging is one factor, but so is unaccustomed strain or exertion—like shoveling snow.

Fact: Lower back pain afflicts 70 percent of people at some time in their life.

Tips to Prevent Back Pain While Shoveling

Rely on Your Legs

Keeping your back straight and engaging your shoulder muscles, use your legs to lift as much as possible. Don’t rely on your back to do the work.

Don’t Twist and Toss

Twisting your back while handling heavy snow can lead to injury. Never twist while lifting; keep your back upright at all times.

Hug the Shovel

Keep the shovel close to your body as you work. The farther the shovel is from your body, the heavier it gets, and the more it can strain your back.

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