Oct 28, 2014 8:00 AM

Author: Eryn Gorang

When it comes to health care, there seems to be a simple notion: if it is broken, fix it.  But what if putting a band-aid on the issue after-the-fact is not enough? In fact, with proper primary care, the issue could have been avoided altogether.

Family practice physicians across the US agree: prevention is key. Eight national groups that represent the interests of family medicine recently unveiled a three-year media campaign and five-year strategic plan to improve the health of the nation using primary care as the central tenet, with a particular focus on prevention and wellness, rather than only treatment. 

The campaign, named “Health is Primary,” will travel to various cities across the country to engage patients, employers, and community leaders to build support for an America where doctors and patients work together, where everyone has access to primary care, and where prevention and health are as important as treating disease. Topics covered will include smoking prevention and cessation, nutrition and fitness, immunizations, and chronic disease management.

“ ‘Health is Primary’ represents a renewed and concerted effort by the nation’s leading Family Medicine organizations to demonstrate that primary care is at the center of a well-functioning health care system,” says Kyle Bradford Jones, MD, clinical instructor of Family and Preventative Medicine at the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Additional components of the strategic plan and media campaign include:

  • Continued focus on the patient-centered medical home
  • Advancing technology to provide better care and increased patient engagement
  • Ensuring a strong primary care workforce
  • Changing the current fee-for-service model for a more comprehensive payment structure

All such improvements made through this campaign will also ensure that the University of Utah can continue to provide the best care possible for patients. “This holds huge promise to support the University Health’s mission by providing quality care and a positive patient experience for a lower cost,” says Jones.

Learn more by visiting healthisprimary.org.

Eryn Gorang

Eryn Gorang is an intern in the Office of Public Affairs

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