Nov 05, 2014 8:00 AM

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Foods don’t have to taste sweet to be loaded with sugar. “Most Americans consume too much sugar on a daily basis,” says Julie Metos, PhD, RD, an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Utah College of Health. “While a little bit is OK, try to limit empty calories like sugar to 150 calories per day for a woman and 250 calories for a man.”

As you might expect, soft drinks, candy, cakes and cookies are loaded with sugar. But here are four foods that you might not expect to contain sugar but do. 

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Sugary Foods


Surprise! These savory little snacks often contain sugar. Multigrain crackers are typically the biggest offenders, containing as much sugar per serving as a snack-size chocolate bar. "Check food labels, and choose varieties that are sugar-free and high in fiber," Metos suggests.

Spaghetti sauce

A half cup of commercially prepared pasta sauce has as much sugar as a glazed doughnut. A better option: Make your own sauce using fresh tomatoes, herbs and a dash of extra-virgin olive oil.


Yogurt might be a healthy way to get calcium and vitamin D, but some varieties have more sugar than a serving of ice cream. "Choose nonfat Greek yogurt that is low in sugar and high in protein," Metos says.


Every squirt of ketchup or pickle relish is like adding a packet of sugar to your plate. And barbecue sauce has four times that amount of sugar. Your best bet: Choose low-sugar varieties and use sparingly.

Attend a Free Movie Screening

University of Utah Health Care will be showing a free screening of Fed Up, a documentary about America’s eating habits, at noon Nov. 15 at Utah Museum of Fine Arts, 410 Campus Center Drive, Salt Lake City. Diabetes screenings will also be offered beginning at 11 a.m., so show up early.

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