Dec 18, 2014 9:45 PM

Author: Office of Public Affairs

Winter in Utah brings outdoor adventures, hot cocoa and cozy evenings with people you love. Yet for too many, winter also comes with household fires. “There are more home fires in winter months, particularly December and January, than any other time of the year,” says Brad Wiggins, RN, the nurse manager for University of Utah Health’s Burn Center. From space heaters to stovetops to holiday lights, the causes are many. But you can prevent them from occurring.

The first step: Download this checklist and survey each room of your house for potential fire hazards. Christmas trees, candles and holiday lights pose additional risk, so be extra vigilant this time of year. 

“These measures prevent fires from occurring, but it’s also important to be prepared in the event of a fire,” Wiggins says. Smoke detectors save lives, yet nearly 70% of home fires occur in houses without properly working smoke detectors. “Make sure yours are in good order. Check them monthly and replace batteries twice a year,” Wiggins says.

“It’s also important to establish a home escape plan in the event of a fire,” Wiggins says. “And regularly practice the plan with your family, starting today.”

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