Apr 21, 2015 2:00 PM

Author: Libby Mitchell

Teens are in pursuit of bigger lips – and they are doing anything they can to get them. Thousands of pictures of young women, and men, have posted pictures and videos of themselves placing small containers over their lips and then sucking the air out in order to create suction and enlarge their lips. The results are not always what they expect. “What these teens are doing is essentially bruising their lips,” says P. Daniel Ward, MD, a plastic surgeon with University of Utah Health. “They are forcing blood into the lips and surrounding area, which can create temporary swelling to get the effect. However, it can also cause discoloration, and asymmetry. The asymmetry could be permanent.”

There are safe ways to enhance lips if that is truly the goal. “Safe ways to enhance the lips would be with injectable materials, such as Juvederm or Restylane,” says Ward. “Restylane just launched a new product called Restylane Silk that aims to augment the lips in an improved fashion from other fillers.  Another great option is lip implants. They aren’t for everybody, but can be a permanent solution to enlarge the lips.” However, he adds that he doesn’t expect to see a lot of teens in his waiting room any time soon. “I think most young people are doing it as a way to goof off and don’t really expect or, in most cases, even want their lips to be bigger,” he says. 

Libby Mitchell

Libby Mitchell is the Social Media Coordinator for University of Utah Health Care. Follow her on twitter @UUHCLibby.

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