Jan 18, 2018 12:00 AM

Author: Wellness and Integrative Health

With January in full swing, how are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions? If you’re one of the 40 percent of Americans who make resolutions every year, you might be struggling to stick to your guns, especially if you’ve chosen to limit the sugar in your diet.

Start by really, truly establishing your goals. Are you trying to totally eliminate sugar or simply limit it? Make sure that your goal has a set time frame and is achievable. And don’t worry too much if you slip up. You can always start fresh tomorrow.

"Diet is a 4-letter word. Instead, incorporate lifestyle changes that improve your health,” said Dana Gershenoff, MS, RD, CDE. “Every day, make 1-2 small changes that will lead to a healthier you. Avoiding or minimizing added sugar is one example. Other examples could include, take five minutes to eat breakfast, add 10 min to your daily walk, take the stairs, choose fruit and nuts as a snack, make half your plate vegetables at dinner. Think of these decision as choices rather than restrictions, that way it’s something that you want to do rather than something you have to do. Invest in yourself – you and your health are worth it."

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