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  • 10 Facts you Need to Know About Zika Virus

    June 14, 2016

    Do you actually know what Zika virus is? Or why it's so dangerous? ... Read more

  • Worries About an Antibiotic Resistant "Superbug"

    June 03, 2016

    A type of bacteria first identified in Chinese pigs now is causing concern in the U.S. due to its resistance to an antibiotic currently seen as a last-ditch effort.... Read more

  • You May Have Hepatitis C and Not Know It

    May 06, 2016

    Hepatitis C is a disease of the liver. It kills thousands of people each year. It doesn't have to. ... Read more

  • Zika Link to Birth Defects Confirmed: What's Next?

    April 14, 2016

    The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed the Zika virus can cause birth defects. ... Read more

  • Zika and Guillain-Barre

    March 02, 2016

    New research links Zika infection with Gullian-Barre syndrome. ... Read more

  • Zika Virus and Sexual Transmission: The Facts

    February 03, 2016

    More and more is coming to light about the Zika virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have now confirmed that a case of Zika was sexually transmitted to a person in Texas. However, while this enhances what we know about transmission of the illness, it doesn’t change what we know about its severity. ... Read more

  • The Super Bowl and The Flu

    February 02, 2016

    The flu season is heating up just in time for the Super Bowl. That’s not good news for fans of the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. A new study suggests there may be an increased risk of flu deaths for fans of teams that make it to the Super Bowl. ... Read more

  • The Real Risks of Zika Virus

    January 27, 2016

    Tiny mosquitoes are causing big problems -- and making big headlines -- in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. The Zika virus is causing panic due to a possible link to birth defects in the babies of mothers who contracted the illness during pregnancy. However, very little is yet known about it. ... Read more

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