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Genetic Testing

  • Types of Genetic Testing

    Chromosome studies may be performed when a child is born with multiple birth defects. They may also be done when people have certain types of leukemias and lymphomas, to look for specific chromosome rearrangements associated with these types of cancers. Direct DNA studies look directly at the gene in question for an error.

  • Before Undergoing Genetic Testing for Cancer

    Testing methods vary from laboratory to laboratory and may affect the likelihood that the lab will identify a mutation in the gene if one is present. Different laboratory studies have the ability to detect different types of mutations. Accuracy will vary, depending upon the type of genetic testing method performed.

  • Medical Genetics: Genetic Testing for Cancer Risk

    Different kinds of tests show different levels of cancer risk. Some tests may even help people who don’t have a personal or family history of cancer. You can be tested by working with your healthcare provider.

  • Medical Genetics: How Genetic Testing Is Used

    Genetic testing can help find diseases that run in a family or don't yet have symptoms.