Health Information

Understanding Your Diagnosis

  • Anal Cancer: Diagnosis

    If your healthcare provider thinks you might have anal cancer, you will need certain exams and tests to be sure.

  • Anal Cancer: Newly Diagnosed

    Being told you have anal cancer can be scary, and you may have many questions. But you have people on your healthcare team to help.

  • Anal Cancer: Stages

    The stage of a cancer is how much and how far the cancer has spread in your body. Learn the stage groupings for anal cancer.

  • Prostate/Rectal Ultrasound

    A prostate or rectal ultrasound is an imaging test that uses sound waves to look at your prostate or your rectum.

  • Anal Cancer: Tests After Diagnosis

    After a diagnosis of anal cancer, you’ll likely have other tests. Learn which tests you may have.

  • Anal Cancer: Your Chances of Recovery (Prognosis)

    Prognosis is the word your healthcare team may use to describe your chances of recovering from cancer. Learn about the prognosis for anal cancer.