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Deciding on Treatment

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Treatment Choices

    An overview of common treatments for head and neck cancer.

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy uses anticancer medicines to kill cancer cells. Learn about when chemotherapy is used to treat head and neck cancer, and what to expect.

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Radiation Therapy

    Radiation kills cancer cells by focusing powerful X-rays at the tumor. Here's a look at when this treatment is used, types of radiation therapy, and common side effects.

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Surgery

    Learn about how surgery is used to treat head and neck cancer, and what to expect before and after surgery.

  • Learning to Speak Again After Laryngeal Surgery

    Speech therapy usually begins before you leave the hospital. Once the healthcare provider gives approval, the SLP will begin speech lessons with you. Speech may need esophageal speech, an artificial larynx, or a transesophageal puncture (TEP). Each is described here.