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  • Kaposi Sarcoma: Introduction

    In Kaposi sarcoma (KS), cancer develops from the cells that line lymph or blood vessels. Read on to learn about the different types of KS.

  • Kaposi Sarcoma: Statistics

    Key statistics about Kaposi sarcoma.

  • Kaposi Sarcoma: Risk Factors

    Anyone can get Kaposi sarcoma. But there are some factors that can increase your risk.

  • Kaposi Sarcoma: Symptoms

    Kaposi sarcoma (KS) might not cause symptoms in its early stages. Here is a look at what symptoms it may cause later on.

  • Anatomy of the Skin

    The skin is the body's largest organ. It serves as a protective shield against heat, light, injury, and infection.

  • AIDS-Related Malignancies

    People who have AIDS are much more likely to get certain types of cancer than people without the disease.