Health Information


  • Liver: Anatomy and Functions

    Detailed anatomical description of human liver, including simple definitions and labeled, full-color illustrations

  • Liver Cancer: Introduction

    Cancer is when cells in the body change and grow out of control. Liver cancer is cancer that starts in your liver.

  • Alcohol-Induced Liver Disease

    Alcohol-induced liver disease is caused by heavy use of alcohol. The liver’s job is to break down alcohol. If you drink more than it can process, it can become badly damaged.

  • Liver Cancer: Statistics

    Key statistics about liver cancer.

  • Liver Cancer: Risk Factors

    Anyone can get liver cancer. But there are some factors that can increase your risk for it.

  • Liver Cancer: Symptoms

    Liver cancer often does not cause symptoms in its early stages. But it can cause symptoms. Learn what symptoms to watch for.

  • Liver Cancer: Treatment Questions

    Talking with healthcare providers about your liver cancer can be overwhelming. Here are some questions to ask during your checkups.

  • Ampullary Cancer

    Ampullary cancer, or ampullary carcinoma, is a life-threatening cancer that forms in a body part called the ampulla of Vater in the duodenum, where the pancreatic and bile ducts release their secretions into the intestines.

  • Carcinoid Tumor

    Carcinoid tumor is a rare type of tumor that grows slowly.