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Deciding on Treatment

  • Pituitary Tumor: Treatment Choices

    In most cases, pituitary tumors are treated using surgery, radiation therapy, or medicines. Learn more about these options.

  • Pituitary Tumor: Medicine

    Medicine can play an important role in treating some types of small pituitary tumors. Read on to learn more about these tumors, and the medicines that are often used.

  • Pituitary Tumor: Radiation Therapy

    A look at the different ways that radiation therapy is used to treat pituitary tumors, along with the types of radiation and side effects.

  • Radiosurgery

    Radiosurgery uses focused beams of radiation to treat cancerous tissues without a surgical incision or opening. The treatment is called "surgery" because creates a result similar to an actual surgical procedure.

  • Pituitary Tumor: Surgery

    Surgery is often the main treatment for pituitary tumors. Learn about the types of surgery used, and possible side effects.

  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine

    Complementary medicine is used in conjunction with other therapies. It usually serves to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. Alternative medicine is used alone, without standard treatment.