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Men's Health

  • Is Parkinson Disease on the Rise?

    Parkinson disease may be on the rise among men in the U.S., according to a recent study.

  • Hormone Treatment for Prostate Cancer: Depression Risk?

    Hormone therapy is a common treatment for prostate cancer. But a new study found that older men who get this therapy may be more likely to develop depression.

  • Testosterone Treatment Has Pluses, Minuses

    Testosterone treatment may help some older men regain sexual desire, but it won’t give them more energy. That’s the conclusion of a recent that looked at how well this treatment worked.

  • Sweet Drinks May Affect Heart Health

    Add heart failure to the growing list of health problems that may be tied to drinking sweetened beverages.

  • Fitter Middle-Aged Men Seem to Fend Off Cancer

    If you’re looking for a good reason to shape up, consider the finding of a recent study. Here’s the worthy incentive: Men who are fitter in middle age may be less likely to develop and die from cancer.

  • Quit Smoking for Better Bone Health

    Lung cancer. Heart disease. Stroke. You probably already know that smoking can lead to these health hazards. A recent study found that smoking may be especially bad for men's bones.

  • Your Health May Influence Your Fertility

    Not being able to conceive can be tough for a couple. When it takes longer than a year for your partner to become pregnant, a doctor may suspect an infertility problem. One-third of such cases are traced to the man’s side. The latest research suggests that for some of these men another health problem may be to blame.

  • Dads Aren’t Immune to Postpartum Depression

    Postpartum depression is a type of depression that can take hold after the birth of a child. It is much more common in women. Yet it may well strike upward of one-quarter of dads. A recent review looked at the latest research on the mood disorder to better explain how it affects men.

  • Deciding on Treatment for Prostate Cancer

    Deciding on treatment for prostate cancer can be a challenge. Men with early stage disease have a number of choices. And according to recent research, it isn’t always clear which treatment may be best.

  • Job Stress May Raise Your Risk for Diabetes

    You can’t catch type 2 diabetes like you can a cold. But certain things make you more likely to get the disease. These include having a family history of diabetes and being overweight. You may also want to add work stress to that list. It may seem like an unlikely culprit. But a recent study suggests otherwise.