HMHI Raises Awareness About Mental Health and Stigma

May is Mental Health Awareness month and an opportunity to come together and share experiences, learn from each other, and promote mental health as a part of our overall wellness.

We believe that a healthy mind is an inherent part of a healthy body and that we must start seeing our physical and mental health equally. Eliminating the shame, fear, and discrimination associated with mental health is an important step in empowering individuals to get the help they need.

Throughout the month, we want to foster more open conversations about mental health through community events, sharing information, and highlighting resources available to support those living with mental illness.


We invite you to join us and help normalize the conversation about mental health.

Listen to a Community Conversation

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) hosted a series of “Community Conversations” with HMHI experts to share information, discuss mental health treatment and care, and hear from our community.

We invite you to watch a recording from one of the events:

Hand holding phone with SafeUT app on screen

SafeUT: Support for Families During “Any Size Crisis”

May 5 | 12:00 - 1:00 pm (via Zoom)

SafeUT is a crisis chat and tip line that provides a real-time connection to licensed crisis counselors for students, parents, and educators through live chat and a confidential tip line—right from your smartphone. Did you know SafeUT also connects Utah’s law enforcement, fire/EMS, health care providers, and their families with mental health professionals trained to understand their unique challenges?

Learn more about the app and how it is a resource for families during “any size crisis” and hear new research about how young people are using the app across the state. Experts will discuss the new SafeUT Frontline app and how it’s connecting Utah’s frontline and medical professionals to critical mental health resources.




Teens sitting on desks in a classroom

Children, Teens, and Mental Health: Where and When to Seek Help

Thursday, May 12 | 12:00 - 1:00 pm (via Zoom)

Amid growing concerns for children’s mental health during the pandemic era, more than a quarter of parents say their adolescent-aged child has seen a mental health specialist – with nearly 60% of those reporting a visit within the past year – a new national poll suggests.

But screening and navigating the mental health care system remains difficult for many parents. While almost all parents say they’re confident they would recognize a possible mental health issue in their child, much fewer say their child is regularly screened for mental health by their provider or that it’s easy to get the care they need once they recognize a problem. Experts from HMHI will discuss youth diagnosis, strategies, and skills for parents that can help create positive change within families.




It's Healing to Talk About Mental Health graphic

Healing Out Loud: Unmasking Mental Health Stigma

Thursday, May 19 | 6:00 - 7:30 pm (via Zoom)

Mental health shouldn’t be a crisis in hiding. One in five Americans deal with mental health issues, but stigma around mental health is as strong as ever. Over the past few months, young people aged 15-30 from across the state have participated in “Healing Out Loud” - a social media short film contest developed to help normalize mental health and encourage us to hold inclusive and open conversations.

Join us as we celebrate our Healing Out Loud winners and showcase their inspiring 30-second videos. Learn from a panel of young people about the challenges they face as they manage their mental health and pursue support.

Program will include:

  • Remarks by Mark H. Rapaport, MD, CEO, HMHI and David Woolstenhulme, Commissioner, Utah System of Higher Education
  • Video showcase and prize giveaway emceed by Tanner Marcum, recent graduate Utah State University & Danie Myers, Southern Utah University
  • Panel discussion about mental health with students from across the state moderated by HMHI experts Jessica Holzbauer, LCSW, Teenscope and Kidstar Program Manager and Torrence Wimbish, PhD, Mental Health First Responder Supervisor, HMHI

Virtual event via Zoom.


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