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Crisis Evaluations & Psychiatric Evaluation/Medication Management

For Referring Providers

We do not provide any telehealth services for referring providers.

If you're a referring provider and need to refer your patient to HMHI, please call.

Call 801-583-2500

TeleBehavioral health provides services such as crisis evaluations and traditional psychiatric evaluation/medication management through interactive video conferencing tools, making treatment easily accessible. TeleBehavioral health can benefit communities by providing state-of-the-art specialized care to patients without the hassle, cost, or inconvenience of traveling to areas where the service is offered in person.


Physician-to-Physician Support

A one-time physician-to-physician evaluation makes it possible for physicians from across the nation to collaborate and consult with HMHI mental health specialists to discover the best treatment options for their patients. Referring providers value the connection with specialists to help manage complex patients within a community. This allows for better care and also increases the comfort level of referring providers in prescribing psychiatric medications to patients.

Outpatient Services

High-quality, comprehensive evaluations are available for children, adolescents, and adults through pre-scheduled appointments.

Crisis Evaluation

Emergency evaluations are offered 24/7 by HMHI crisis workers and licensed clinicians for patients identified by an emergency department as having a psychiatric crisis that may present a danger. Patients who most frequently use these services are suicidal, homicidal, psychotic, and/or depressed and are in need of immediate assistance.

To consult with a telebehavioral health specialist today about how we can support you, please call 801-581-6987.